Hello, my name is Julianto Eka Putra,
an Indonesian-based life skill expert.

About Me

Introducing myself

As of 2021, it has been 23 years since I started my first business. As of now, I am currently the chairman of over 20 companies.

Through the experiences from the ups and downs, I strive to share to others through my work of being a motivator and a spokesperson. In 2007, with the help of the family that I have built, I became a founder of a free senior high school for the orphans and the less fortunate. Through my work thus far I have had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with great people.

Our Companies

Stronger bonds were made

When I first started building my business, one concept that I’ve always kept in mind was to build a business family, not a family business and that concept contributed to the company’s current culture. It has enabled us to move forward as a family and grow to be a corporate group with over 20 companies in different industries. All of our companies place great importance on our human capital by providing a supportive environment for all of our people to grow and transform themselves, their lives and their future.

Our Free School

You don’t lose by giving

In 2007, Selamat Pagi Indonesia Senior High School was established and received students with various different social backgrounds from all over Indonesia. Selamat Pagi Indonesia Senior High School is a boarding school that does not only provide hard skill education to its students, but also life skills and entrepreneurship education that will help its students strive in the real world once they graduate.

The idea of founding a free high school for orphans and the less fortunate was instigated by several news about students committing suicide due to their financial inability to afford their education. My belief that a successful person shouldn’t only be willing to receive help, but also be willing to give and serve moved me to do something. With the help of the people around me, I was able to share my resources with those in need and provide a diverse and innovative educational laboratory to the future of Indonesia, which is Selamat Pagi Indonesia.


Our Training Programs

Learning is a never-ending journey

Our company recognizes that the basic skills a person requires consist of both hard skills and soft skills, also known as life skills. Our company, MIC Transformer, started providing life skill development programs such as ‘The ACE’ program for teens, ‘Parenting’ Program for parents and ‘Valuable Coaching & Mentoring’ for teachers and professionals as well as experts. Through our venture into this industry, we were able to innovate new training techniques such as experiential learning and the fusion impact method which are used in our programs. Since 2020, we have made all of our programs remote through a broadcasting system but still entertaining with the use of 50 different studios and green screen animations.

Experiential Learning

Our edutainment delivery style enables our programs to be educating and entertaining at the same time.


Gain valuable life skills from the process of learning through experience and the reflection of doing.

Online Broadcast

Enables our audience to participate in our programs and gain a limitless learning experience.

Our Books

Knowledge is key

Books have been a major help in my career and I decide to write a few of my own to share the knowledge I have acquired throughout my years of experience. Our publishing company focuses on selling books with topics such as self-improvement, entrepreneurship and wealth management.

Buku Buku di MIC Publishing

Our Clients

Impressions we left on them

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